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L3 Group's licensed mental health therapists and international psychologists are dedicated to providing smart, sensible, and sound practice for clients. Our credible expertise in corporate training and development, clinical counseling, scholarly and professional writing, and coaching are uniquely tailored to each client.


Often, many issues may arise simultaneously and leave an overwhelming feeling, thus attentiveness and expertise to remedy issues are required, wherein L3 Group excels. Whether in-person or online, we guide clients at each step. Our services are also conveniently accessible for mobile and online mental health counseling, meditating, consulting local and international companies on employee relations and leadership, coaching on soft-skill development, speaking engagements, assisting in legal proceedings, and working with authors on manuscripts. At L3 Group, clients can rely on professionalism and quality service.

Dr. Drain, affectionately known as Dr. L. by her clients, is an international psychologist, professor, author, and speaker. She has years of experience in counseling children/adolescents and adults through depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. Additionally, Dr. L. is highly sought after for leading retreats, corporate seminars on various soft-skills development, including but not limited to conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and body language reading, leadership dynamics, civility in the workplace, amongst others, holds regular community meditation/mindfulness classes, and contracted to train military personnel on human behavior and cultural relations. She also serves as a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals, a content expert on dissertation committees for various universities, teaches English to children in China, and works with authors on editing manuscripts for publication.  Dr. L's aim with all clients is a holistic approach to treat the entire being.

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust

We are committed to effective practice and take a collaborative approach with clients to ensure that their specific needs are met. Using a variety of evidenced-based approaches, we are dedicated to the well-being of clients: a mental health therapist to support a healthy lifestyle, business consulting for healthy growth and development, wellness coaching, and scholarly writing services for publication to facilitate clients in Leading, Learning, and Lifting themselves and others in a global world.


02. Dedicated and Loyal 

The often complex and important matters on which we work is met with care, discretion, and respect. 


03. Service with Respect

Regardless of the presenting concerns personally or professionally or the background of clients, rest assured that our skilled personnel will help you and/or your organization thrive. Our top Service Plus attitude allows us to approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and clear communication.

About You

About Us

Are you struggling in your personal life with depression, adjustment, anxiety, or trauma? Do you want to improve company morale, customer relations, or connect with the community in which your company resides? Do you need help with completing your manuscript? Do you want to communicate clearer or understand how others perceive you?

No two people, businesses, or issues are the exact same, thus should not be expected to use the exact same plan of action to address concerns. At L3 Group, our clients are diverse, insightful, intelligent, and able to admit when a little extra assistance or guidance is needed. We work collaboratively with clients to lead their own paths.

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L. Annette Drain-Alagbala, PhD, LPC, NCC

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If you or someone you know may be in danger, please dial 9-1-1 or proceed to your nearest emergency room